Thursday, October 2

patterned I

1 A charity shop find; the leaf pattern reminds me of this pattern I like. All Swedes seem to have those dishes :) - is it vintage Rörstrand? Can't remember.

2 Karpalo (cranberry) -mug by Heini Riitahuhta for Arabia. It's my favourite coffee mug right now.

3 Another charity shop find, a pyrex bowl I bought last week.

In the first photo you can also see part of the gocco print I ordered as a birthday gift to myself from Etsy seller sugarloop. I like it a lot - it was a tough decision to choose just one her bird prints - and it currently stays on my desk until I can decide where to hang it.


The Lil Bee said...

These are so sweet, it hurts!

maikki said...

Tuo ensimmäisen kuvan muki on kyllä söpö. Olen niitä muuallakin (ilmeisesti ruotsalaisissa blogeissa) nähnyt ja ihaillut.

Jätin sulle haasteen blogiini!

Veja cecilia said...

the top on is alot like "berså" but I don´t think it is. It´s nice though!


Lil bee, thanks! I think so too. :)

Maikki, kiitos haasteesta, vastaan siihen kyllä! Minun kipponi on vain kopio...

Veja Cecilia, no, unfortunately it isn't - this cup is made in Japan. But it's almost as good, and cost me only 80 cents. :)