Thursday, October 23

midterm break

I've been in Helsinki for a few days.

I've shared a bottle of red wine and a lot of giggles with miss H. I've had coffee with miss A. I've gone for a hike in the woods. I've celebrated J's 30th birthday (I gave him this, among some other things. Thanks for the idea, Nina, and thank you sister for taking time to find this in London, so I didn't have to pay £9 postage.). I've bought four cd's and got one as a belated birthday present. I've met someone whose age is still measured in days and weeks. I've eaten a delicious bacon & mushroom pie.

And I've been sitting here. It is one of my favourite places to sit in Helsinki: there's good, affordable food and drink, art exhibited on walls, relaxed atmosphere, and always interesting people to look at. What more could you ask for?


Katilein said...

Kaikki, mitä mainitsit kuullostaa ihanalta..

kevin styris said...

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