Tuesday, December 15

christmas card workshop

My home has been a Christmas card workshop this past weekend.

As usual, the cards are not exactly how I imagined them, and some things didn't work like I'd hoped (eg. the silver of the snowflake smudges very easily, so I wonder if everyone is getting a smudged card from me), and I wanted the envelopes to be a different colour (but for once thought better of it and didn't check every shop possible for the right shade of white - yes, that's what I'm like sometimes).

But working on wee small hours (I've messed up my sleep - luckily there are no lectures anymore) paid off, and today I sent cards to all those peeps I won't be seeing before Christmas. All those envelopes stacked up were such a happy sight!

I also sent a little parcel to London; I wanted to send cookies, but that would've been expensive and the cookies probably wouldn't travel that well. I love those stickers I bought a while ago... I'd like to embellish every envelope with them!

In the envelope were piggy things: a dishcloth with a gingerbread pig and a Maileg Christmas decoration. I know I'm probably going to see S & D after Christmas, but mail is always lovely to send and receive, don't you think?

Tuesday, December 8

flea market finds

I haven't had much time for flea markets lately, but I made some good finds back in November. Or was it October?

I just had to rescue these children's books from 1950's - I get like that with books sometimes, if they look especially lonely.... The books once belonged to a boy called Martti Vuorinen. I think it's nice when the past owners have left some traces of themselves in old books.

Pupujussi Gulliver ("Gulliver Rabbit") is my favourite title.

Another great find was this cake lifter, which kind of matches the spoons I already have (they used to belong to my grandparents). It would also go well with the Focus de Luxe cutlery I'm dreaming about.

Monday, December 7


I've been looking for a candelabrum for a few years - or more like hoping I would happen upon one which would suit both my taste and my wallet. I thought I'd like to have a traditional one, but most candelabras in stores/flea markets are either too fussy or too expensive (or both).

Now, if I had my way and not a million better ways to spend 70 euros, I'd buy the Gloria candelabrum designed for Muuto by Norway Says. I think it would look great with colourful candles, although I haven't decided if I'd like to have a black or a white Gloria.

I won't get my Gloria anytime soon, but luckily last month I found this 50s candelabrum at Pikkuvarpunen's flea market site. Long story short, I met Suki briefly in Helsinki, and now it's mine! It was a little tricky to find small enough candles, as I didn't want white, but now I guess a candlelight supper is in order.

Friday, December 4

cookies galore

Even though I don't really bake that often, baking is always a great way to relax for me (given that whatever I'm baking turns out ok - luckily I hardly ever have baking disasters ...knocking on wood here). I feel accomplished and content when I take something out of the oven and know it turned out just right. Beginning my Friday by taking dough (made last night) out of the freezer and baking four sheets of cookies before 1 p.m. made me feel extra accomplished, almost like I was some kind of domestic goddess à la Nigella (even if one glance toward my living/bedroom made that feeling disappear somewhat... I wonder if Nigella does all her cleaning?).

This time I baked another batch of Chewy Cholate Gingerbread Cookies from the previous post and also these cookies with dried cranberries instead of cherries. The reason for this baking frenzy (yes, for me baking two kinds of cookies at the same time is 'baking frenzy') is tomorrow's visit to the Boy's sister. One of the Boy's three sisters lives in Tampere, and whenever the Boy is coming to town, we try to visit K and her family. I'm giving the cookies as a little pre-Christmas present, and since there are three boys between three and eight in the family, I tried to choose cookies kids might like too (i.e. not use coffee and black pepper like I did last year). I have come realize I'll never find another boyfriend with sisters as nice as the Boy's, so I might be stuck with him...

I still have to work on an especially difficult and boring translation today, but I'm looking forward for a relaxing weekend and maybe a little more snow!

Tuesday, December 1

it's december

No snow at all, but the temperature is going to drop below zero, and there's a chance of snow; or that's what the weather forecast says.

Time to open the first door of my advent calendars. (Yes, I've got two - one a gift from sweet A, another a card-sized one I couldn't resist. And yes, I'm nearly thirty years old...)

The cookies I baked last weekend taste like gingerbread, like Christmas. Recipe here.