Friday, October 24

music = happiness

I was in need of some new music, plus there was a sale in my favourite record store. I usually listen to one cd for weeks, then forget it for maybe months, and move on to another... A cd can sit in my shelf for ages without me even remembering it - and then I find it again, and suddenly time is right and it's just the album I want to listen to all the time.
I seem to always end up buying mostly cds by female singers; I think that nine out of ten of the last cds I've purchased fall into that category, the only exception being the Chet Baker cd in the photo. So it is nice that miss H gave me the Thomas Dybdahl cd as a birthday gift, and it's especially nice because I had never heard of Thomas Dybdahl before. Sounds good after the first listening...

Ane Brun's gig on Flow festival in August was really really good, and I'm happy to say I like the record too. To cheer up the rainy day (or any kind of day you're having), here's The Treehouse Song, my current favourite from her album Changing of the Seasons; listening to it makes me very happy.

So, for the rest of the autumn I'll be listening to Chet Baker, Thomas Dybdahl, Jenny Lewis, Eleanoora Rosenholm and Ane Brun. I don't really buy cds that often, so I'm excited to have so many new! What music have you been loving lately?


Ritva said...

kausittain kuuntelen minäkin ja yhtä kerrallaan, melkein puhki. ja sitten taas pitkiin aikoihin en mitään. nyt on se ei mitään.- ehkä kun illat tästä vielä pitenevät niin tilanteeseen tulee muutos. sitä odoteltaessa oli mukava kuunnella valintaasi:)
ps. avasin tänään oman kaupan, tervetuloa käymään!

Tanja said...

Minua harmittaa ihan vietävästi, etten päässyt katsomaan Ane Brunia kesällä! Ja saman huomion olen itsekin tehnyt levylaatikoideni äärellä, naisiahan siellä enimmäkseen. Nyt poikkeuksellisesti miekkosia levylautasella, Neil Youngia, Robert Johnsonia, Jeff Buckleyä, Grizzly Bearia.