Tuesday, December 30


Proof that sometimes the sun shows up in December in Helsinki (I read that this past December there has been unusually little sunlight).

Been having some problems with publishing with Blogger, that's why all these posts seem to be posted in a row.

Monday, December 29

on christmas

This year I didn't spend Christmas with my parents in Eastern Finland, but with sister's family in Helsinki instead. It was fun to spend some time with sister, brother-in-law, and little A (who, I must say, was very patient for a long long time when sister and I cooked: there was a pile of presents under the tree, he didn't touch any, although his questions of when were we going to open the presents grew more and more desperate; finally we had to show the poor kid some mercy and open them before the dinner rather than after...*). Though somehow, as much as I like Christmas, they seem to come faster and also be over faster nowadays. Especially now, since I didn't spend the days after Christmas just knitting and enjoying Mum's cooking, as I usually do... Maybe it has something to do with growing up. Sigh.

But: we had good company, good food (on many occasions) - bûche de noël and scones in the photos were my contribution - and I must show you some of the presents. Maybe when I get back to Tampere...
I hope you all had a good Christmas, if you were celebrating one, and wish your last days of the year 2008 will be happy.

(I love that photo of A watching cartoons - I believe it was From All Of Us To All Of You.)

*In Finland we open the presents on Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 23


I wish you all a good one!

*joulu = Christmas in Finnish

Wednesday, December 17

dreaming of snow

I've been meaning to post - actually, I have begun a total number of six box before this one - but I guess I just haven't had anything to say.
I'm dull and numb in all this darkness, wishing for snow to make it lighter, and waiting for vacation, as these last days of lectures and work have been a struggle.
Hopefully back here sooner than later...

And thanks for all the comments lately! It's been really nice to read them, as always.

(The photo is taken in November, when we had a blizzard. Right now, there's no snow whatsoever in Tampere.)