Wednesday, October 8

eleven details about me

Today it's a do the washing & do the dishes & tidy up your home & hoover & study & try to do some other useful things -kind of day around here. So it's a perfect day to answer some questions in lieu of doing all that. (Maikki tagged me, thanks!)

1. clothes shop - I'm not feeling very strongly about any shop I have the money to shop in... If I lived in Gothenburg, though, I would probably like this boutique a lot (found today via Camilla Engman).

2. furniture shop - I guess in my daydreams world it would be something like Tomorrow's Antique; in reality, my home is furnished with hand-me-downs, Ikea, and a desk bought from a film set...

3. sweet - chocolate

4. city - Helsinki

5. drink - water (or, if it has to be alcoholic, gin & tonic; I also love a glass of good port)

6. music - many kinds of music, all the time; at the moment, the cd in my stereo is Tori Amos' Beekeeper, and the song stuck in my head Regina Spektor's Ne me quitte pas.

7. tv series - my 'new' (borrowed) telly doesn't work yet; but lately I've been watching 'Allo 'allo! on dvd; I like Project Runway too

8. film - Pedro Almodovar's Todo sobre mi madre, an all time favourite

9. workout - pilates, if I had money to go to classes...

10. pastries - chocolate cake and cinnamon bun

11. coffee - cappucino

Sister took the photo of me with the Rabbitsquirrel. Who in the photo is busy putting a plaster on my finger (just for fun).


maijja said...

Oi kun sullon hyvä musiikkimaku; tykkään Torista ja Reginasta myös!


Sittenhän meitä on kaksi, joilla on hyvä maku. ;) Regina on uudempi tuttavuus minulle, en omista hänen levyjään, vielä. Jotenkin minulle tuntuu kertyvän nimenomaan naislaulajien levyjä...