Wednesday, October 1

good mail

It's a grey and rainy day today, and I really should be doing something useful (like working on Swedish grammar, or a translation about lemmings, or even doing some washing). But let me first show you some good mail I've been getting recently!

A while ago I saw this button brooch on Mielitty's blog (in Finnish only - but check out her 'products' page!). I fell in love with it the moment I saw it; I love how the brooch seems so regal, it kind of reminds me of rosettes worn by important people like presidents or royals. On the other hand, it reminds me also of the ribbons won in horse shows or dog shows. The dog button makes the brooch a bit silly - I think the dog was what made me want this one. Plus purple has been somehow sneaking into my wardrobe lately, little by little.

Another fun thing is this postcard I got today. Miss H was a darling and bought and sent me a skein of yarn I desperately needed to complete a cardigan. She included this absolutely great postcard. It made me smile, I will find a good place for it on my wall!

Last but not least, a few days ago I got a special package all the way from California. I'm always so amazed when I order something from another continent, and it pops into my letterbox less than a week later! Inside was a little inspiration present ('cause I can't wait until Christmas) for a certain someone who reads this blog; that's why you get only a sneak peak for now ...more later! Let me just say that Etsy rules!

I will show you more after next weekend...

Now I must get going; I have a guest coming over for fika (fika is more appropriate a word today than ever, as we're planning to speak Swedish - I'm such a good student!) and I have some muffins to bake. Autumn always makes me want to bake; maybe it's some sort of legacy of the foremothers - winter is coming, one should prepare. Anyway, looking at a batch of fresh muffins makes me feel comfortable and satisfied. And they taste good, too!

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hannna said...

hei pitkästä aikaa. kiva kun kävit!
mullakin hyvä postiviikko!
mutta kommenttini koskee hienoa tukkaa profiilikuvassasi - onko se uusi tukka, oletko se sinä?