Monday, February 23

last week

On Monday there were balloons at the university - nice!

On Tuesday I worked on a translation assignment and watched Pushing Daisies; no time for photos.

On Wednesday I sent a birthday card to dear miss A.

On Thursday there was students' demonstration. The weather was fine.

On Friday I stayed in bed most of the day. In the evening I met with some friends and watched Karate Kid.

On Saturday I took a bath with nine little turtles. Bath often helps if I feel a bit under the weather or just tired and sorry for myself.

On Sunday it was Shrove Sunday, which means it was time to eat laskiaispulla (the same thing the Swedes call semla). Traditionally people also go sledding on Shrove Sunday; miss R, miss J and I only baked semlas and ate them. Tomorrow it'll be Shrove Tuesday, so more semla eating is in order.

I wish you all a good week!

Thursday, February 19

small & sweet

*Valentine's Day stamps designed by Janine Rewell (see them better here; and check out her other illustrations!)

*The Mole in my keychain

*Tree Ghost by PearsonMaron, a Christmas present from sister; there are some great new things in the shop, I love this and this

Sunday, February 15

super-social weekend

was spent in Helsinki. I had time to see mrs K and baby P (it's always funny how quick babies grow, even if you know they do); spend some time alone with Mum (who was visiting and taking nephew with her for a week); celebrate nephew A's birthday (which was yesterday - he's three! although when asked, he says he's nine... ??); and take a long walk in the sun with the Boy, and to top it all eat a big delicious semla. I love weekends like this, even though they always leave me drained. I guess I'm just too used to being alone, so being super-social tires me. I'm also a bit behind on all the stuff I have to do for my classes... I better carry on with that!

Helsinki is surprisingly wintry right now, almost like in the window display in the photo! This gingerbread building was on display in the window of a prestigious confectionery this Christmas - the building is modeled by the actual building the confectionery is located in. I love the trams!

Thursday, February 12

winter view to the city

Again in the observation tower. A lovely winter day, sunny but not too cold. From the tower we (miss J, miss R, and I) saw people skiing on the ice... This time I had one of their famous doughnuts, and yes, they really are good. Although for me, one doughnut goes a long way - I don't think I need to eat another before 1st of May (which is the official doughnut-eating day here).

Thursday, February 5

t is for tart (and thursday)

5th of February is the birthday of the Finnish national poet (I wrote about him last year, too), and to commemorate him we eat these pastries which are based on the ones his wife used to bake.
In fact I read in a newspaper today that some people begin eating these right in the beginning of January, in search of "the ultimate taste experience". I'm not so sure I believe them.

Miss J and I were early and had the ultimate taste experience yesterday.

Tuesday, February 3

things to be happy about

hot chocolate with friends

invitation for a wedding in London

a walk on a cold, sunny day

seeing a sign (advertising ice cream) from the past days - the store/café it belonged to long gone

having courage to make plans for the future

new curtains

eating waffles with the Boy in a waffle café (mine with goat cheese, strawberry jam & cream)

snow, snow, snow (we didn't really get much of it last year, so it feels extra special now)