Wednesday, September 8

on sunday

Last week my mobile phone died. This week my laptop (hard disk failure), just after I said aloud "I wish it would last until I've graduated and have some money to spare". I have a feeling my camera (which isn't working too well anyway) will be the next! I find all this mostly funny*, if a tad tiresome. It's very inconvenient not having a working laptop, but luckily a substitute should be on it's way. Both my "new" phone and my "new" laptop are the Boy's hand-me-downs, so I guess I am lucky. (But he doesn't have a spare camera, so I really hope my camera will last a little bit longer!)

Besides, there are sunflowers on the kitchen table.

*I bet I wouldn't find it so funny if I had lost anything important. I don't think I did.


Viime viikolla hajosi puhelin, tällä viikolla tietokone. Juuri, kun olin päässyt sanomasta "Kestäis nyt vielä siihen asti, että en ole enää köyhä opiskelija!". Naurattaa*, vaikka onhan tuosta oma vaivansa. Olen kuitenkin onnekas, saan korvaavat laitteet ilmaiseksi; käytetty kelpaa hyvin. Nyt toivon, että kamera ei ole seuraava, sille ei ole korviketta tiedossa.

Olen tuplaonnekas: keittiön pöydällä on auringonkukkia.

*Eipä varmaan naurattaisi, elleivät tärkeät asiat olisi tallessa.

Wednesday, September 1

it's the first of september and I miss the summer already

It was a sunny day. But the light is different, autumn light and I can't pretend it's summer anymore.

I walked through the streets I once knew, wistful, and for a while grieved for the summer - it went too fast (always does, in a way). September is one of my favourite months, but autumn? Now? I need more time to adjust!

But autumn won't give me more time, the change is in the air, I collected some signs of it. And I have to succumb.