Monday, October 6

last of the flowers in the botanical garden

Took a train to Helsinki on Saturday evening, after work. The weekend was a flurry of fun things, like miss H turning 30 and the celebratory brunch in our favourite café on Sunday morning, complete with a candle on top of a piece of tart; and meeting my favourite (and only) sister and the rabbitsquirrel who lives in her home at the moment.
It always takes a while for me to go back to normal after spending a couple of days in almost constant company, though - I'm more used to solitude.

ps. This was in the mystery package from California: a limited edition ceramic figurine, 'Fox Gets a Bright Idea' by Etsy seller PearsonMaron. An inspiration gift to my sister; she's partial to foxes, and I thought she might need this on her desk, as bright ideas seem rare for all of us from time to time. The fox looked really good on my desk too - for myself, I'd love this Tree Ghost mini sculpture.

(Image from the PearsonMaron Etsy shop.)

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