Wednesday, November 19

Tuesday, November 18

november light

I was in Helsinki for two days, pretending to be a teacher. For me the best part was the view from the classrooms...

9.20 a.m.

10.35 a.m.

1.22 p.m.

The mornings are so dark right now, it feels like leaving home at night. But that makes the pale November sunlight feel even more precious in the scant hours we get to see it.

Tuesday, November 11


Tampere, October 2008

Helsinki, September 2007

Helsinki, August 2007

Sunday, November 9

at home

November always seems to be a busy month for everybody. I feel like I'm battling against time trying to do it all, and while I have spent many late hours with my laptop, it feels like I haven't had time to enjoy my home at all. So today, when the day was as dark and miserable as only a November day can be, I was happy to stay in my pyjamas all day, relishing my only day off this week (luckily the Boy came over for a really quick visit, so I was forced to tidy up the place a bit). I had to do some schoolwork, but if you get to prepare a presentation of Astrid Lindgren, it's not that bad (and Swedish is coming back to me, finally!).

Friday, November 7


Yesterday was a frosty, sunny, chilly day. The most perfect kind of day there can be in November. It looked as if everything was coated with sugar...