Monday, March 31

the first day my winter coat was too much

Today I sat in a café, walked a lot (but took only a few photos) and bought a new, lighter coat. A very good spring day! Tomorrow it'll be April already.


fine little day said...

Like the S A U N A sign/letters!

Miia said...

Ensimmäistä kertaa täällä. Pidän kovasti kuvistasi ja blogin ilmeestä. Ihanan aurinkoiselta näyttää, kun taas täällä päin oli tänään niin pilvistä!

Michelle said...

Oh fun, gotta go to the sauna too, yummy

Mrs.French said...

I love the first day in the spring when the winter coat comes off.


Fine little day, me too! My Helsinki home is near the sauna in question (still going strong) and I've photographed the letters many times.

Miia, tervetuloa toistekin! :) Hauskaa, että löysit tänne.

Michelle, I love those letters, and the sauna in question is one of the few old public saunas still going strong in Helsinki. The working class used to go to public saunas, since they didn't always have a bathroom of their own in the city (plus Finns like going to sauna better than taking a bath :) ).

Mrs. French, I just hope I won't have to wear my winter coat again until next winter!