Wednesday, April 2

welcome april!

Good thing I bought that spring coat: today it was still 10 degrees at 7 p.m. I'm tempted to pack away my winter boots and pretend there's no way we could get snow in April (or May).

A single coltsfoot has raised it's head in my yard. It's the first one I've seen. They always make me happy! Snowdrop is my favourite spring bulb - if I ever have a garden, I will surely have some snowdrops in there - but coltsfoot is really a sign of spring to me.
(The Finnish name translates roughly as widow's leaf - nothing to do with colts here.)

The last of snow and my new super comfy Clarks - oh how lovely it is to walk in light shoes!


mansuetude said...

i learn alot here. never heard of a colts foot, ever!!

ten degrees... brrrr. i was outside reading today in tank top, shorts and sandles. its almost 7 pm here and the door is open, birds are singing all sorts of songs...and its lovely! :)


Do you have to tell me about your lovely weather? :)
Though I can't really complain - it might be two months (or more...) until I can wear tank top and shorts, but right now 10 degrees feel lovely to me. I saw the first tables outside a cafe today - which really made me think that Finns are crazy. I mean, there were people sitting there too!

Liivia said...

Kaunis kuva leskenlehdestä. Itse en ole vielä nähnyt ainuttakaan.

sue said...