Tuesday, March 11

spring light

I took a long walk in the dusty afternoon light.
The noises of the city didn't disturb me: the sky was blue and I felt warm in my black winter coat.
The fact that it's not dark until after 7 p.m. seems like a miracle after the long dark winter days.

mr blue sky
please tell us why
you had to hide away for so long

The beach is so different from summer.


mansuetude said...

wonderful post. ...love the curve in that bottom image. the shadow... it looks like a woman about to give birth...

sandra said...

oh that sky! blue seems so unreal at the moment. i'm happy to see the blue sky here :)

Mrs.French said...

The skies are much bluer here also. I love the feeling of the sun on my face.


mansuetude, i like the shadow too - only, that's ME. i have no idea how i can look like i'm 39 weeks pregnant! :)

the sky's been overcast again for the past few days, but even that one day of sun helped A LOT.