Thursday, March 27

for the weekend

Talking about visiting winter... After I came back to Tampere, we had a crazy big snowstorm (at least in Finnish scale - we usually get our snow little by little, even though we get lots of it in some parts of the country). It began on Wednesday morning, I woke up far too early because the wind was howling outside - and inside, too - I could feel it while lying in bed, which isn't even in front of the window (luckily!). The snow was falling horizontally, it was the kind of day which can be perfect if you have hot chocolate, a good book and a company of a cat/dog and don't have to get out the whole day. Unfortunately I had none of the above, I didn't even have milk for my coffee because of the fridge incident explained later, and it really is rather cold in my room when it's windy like that.

It's hard to believe it wasn't that long ago when it was warm and springy and I took that photo above. I'm kind of miffed, since I have already set my mind on 'spring', and anyway, if we don't get much snow the whole winter, we certainly don't need that now. But according to the weather forecast, it'll be all gone soon, so it's not too bad.

Otherwise this is an easy week, as I didn't have any classes until Wednesday and could enjoy being pampered by Mum for several days. After that even the fact that I'd managed to unplug my fridge (instead of coffee maker like I meant to) just before leaving for train last week didn't make me loose my calm. I didn't have that much in my fridge anyways.

I'm working again this weekend, but looking forward to some fun with friends too, it looks like we might actually have enough energy to go out. :) Isn't that usual these days, maybe we're getting old?
Have a good weekend!


simexxv said...
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Michelle said...

Beautiful photo, so nice and clam. This always happens to me too, I want spring, so it gets really cold. But now in Atlanta we have bees! LOTS of them, crazy

mansuetude said...

just noticed, and had to say, lots of laughing about it, but my Christmas Cactus has just been neglected big time (looks about to croak) and it is making a few blooms...! i can't believe it. :)


Michelle, it's been sunny for the past few days and today was really warm, so I'll be really disappointed if it'll snow again. I know spring is really unreliable, warm one day, freezing the next, but I still wish it would be time to put my winter coat away until next winter. I envy the warmth you've got there, but not the bees. :)

Mansuetude, that's exactly what I do to my cactus. ;) ..Really, I promised it a bigger pot about a year ago; should do something about it...