Sunday, March 9

sunny yellow

Yesterday my breakfast reminded me of sun even though it snowed outside. I drank lots of coffee (I was missing it because I can't drink coffee when sick) and listened to a newly acquired cd - Jenny Lewis' Rabbit Fur Coat.
When I lived in Helsinki, A and I had a tradition of having breakfast together on Sundays (every so often). Breakfast usually included some special treats - we took turns in making it - , lots of coffee and chatting. I miss those mornings, A.

In the afternoon I went to see my favourite pair of sisters in whole Tampere. We ate soup and freshly baked bread, and I had so much fun I didn't realise how late it was until it was very late indeed.


kristy said...

oh i love sunday breakfasts. that's my favourite time of the week.

what kind of soup is that? it looks delicious! i wish it was soup weather here!

Becky, yep said...

nothing will cure sickness like surrounding yourself with people you care about! sounds like you got just the mental rest you needed!

mansuetude said...

soups are my heart's favorite and that looks delicious yummy ! you are a poet with the sun in your bowl and that marmelaide jam (is that word right for you?) Orange with rinds?

Its Happy to hear another person is feeling good! ! How is wuthering heights going?

Michelle said...

Oh wow, making me hungry again! I love that mug, so pretty


Kristy, me too! I wish I was able to get out of bed early enough so I could have long, peaceful mornings on weekdays too (though maybe it wouldn't feel so special then).

Becky, you're right - I'm lucky I study with that pair of sisters!

Mansuetude, Wuthering Heights is going slowly :) - I like it, but it's definitely not the light and funny reading Austen is! The jam is apricot jam. I love orange with rinds too.

Michelle, I get hungry reading blogs all the time too! And that mug is one of my favourites (Finnish, Arabia, pattern designed by Heini Riitahuhta).

About the soup, it's basically lentils & potatoes, and I've been meaning to post the recipe here after remembering this soup a while ago... As soon as I feel like translating the measurements. :)