Thursday, November 15

i meant to do it, really

I found this badge in Helsinki a while ago. It says something like the title to this post and ...that's me. In addition to being very good at procrastinating, I've got a really bad memory. So bad it terrifies me to think what I'll be like, say, 40 years from now, when I'm over 60. On the other hand, I can always blame not sleeping well as the reason for my short term memory loss (and it indeed is far worse when I sleep too little - how do you cope at all, mothers with little kids?).

We have winter now! Yesterday it was a lovely day, sunny and frosty, and today it snowed! Not much, but it's like everything's coated with icing sugar. And it's not so dark with snow all over. I better finish knitting the woolly hat I started on Sunday.

Another good thing, I now have working internet connection! First I put off getting one, and then it didn't work, but thanks to a girl in my speaking practice class, with I managed to make it happen without having to go back to the shop. Yay! It really makes things easier, and no more late nights spent at the university's computer centre.


kristy said...

oooh that's a really cool badge - and completely me too!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the working internet connection.

As for mothers with little kids, you should know I still keep forgetting things big time, and your precious nephew only wakes me up once at a night nowadays. Although I had a bad memory to begin with, but sleeping too little does not help. :)

Which brought to my ming one important thing I forgot to do, so I will do it now. Forgive me, because it was something I was supposed to send to you. My excuse: A. has been ill and I haven't been out of our apartment since Friday until now.


Kristy - I'd send you one of these, though it wouldn't be quite as funny as people around you couldn't read it. :) They have other cool badges too.

Ranna said...

Haha, that's awesome! :)
I need to get one of those badges, too.