Monday, November 19

too tired to think of a title

This is what I've been doing, so nothing special going on here.

I've also been getting Christmas food cravings - I already bought Annas Pepparkakor (they are the best store bough I've found) few weeks ago, and the other day I was craving for glög (kind of mulled wine) and the dish very close to rice pudding we eat in Finland usually on the Christmas Eve (or at least, my family does). It's less sweet though, no vanilla, and we eat it as the main dish, hot & sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. And we call it porridge. Must sound crazy to everyone who's used to rice puddings... Traditionally one almond is put in the porridge, and the one who gets it will marry in the next year / get lucky some other way.

Maybe it was the snow that got me thinking of glög and all. It's all gone now, though - well, I don't have to decide whether to get winter tyres for my bike or just stop cycling. But just today I was thinking of my nephew, who's going to be two in three months (already! can't believe that) and then I realized how near Christmas is. Better do something about it. No self-made presents this year at all, but maybe Etsy will come to help!

Now I'll stop babbling - here are some links for you to look at while I sip glög and try to get back to work:

I found Kris Atomic's blog just today. I like it even better because the first thing I saw was lyrics from a song I like. :)

And she reminded me (one of her posts did, that is) about Robert Ryan. I've been in love with his beautiful and amazing work for a while, but didn't knew he had a blog too. And here's his shop.

Have a good week, y'all! (As I'd say if I spoke with Southern American accent. That's what I've been studying about. [by the way, just last week I was told I write American English and speak with a British accent. Hmm.])


Lylou said...

that is so funny, b/c last night i had a girlfriend over for some glog and is that time of year and i start early. -grin

Lylou said...

about white walls...i grew up with them as well and refused to have color on my walls until i bought my own home...then i went crazy with color, realizing that i can change them whenever i want. after 6 years of greens, mustard, reds, oranges and blues i am migrating back to the soothing whites. i am sure at some point in my years i will try out a little color again, but just not to the degree and saturation that i on this last journey. It is funny to think about painting the interior of your home as a journey, but I believe that it does strongly represent what one is going through at the time.


Matroskin said...

Onnea opintoihin! Olen unohtanut käydä täällä, kaikkea ihanaa on ilmestynyt. Suklaapurkki on huippu.

michelle said...

AHH, I love love love that mug! I have been eating holiday food too. I got a whole box of Ameretti Di Sarono cookies (they are these little round apricot liqure cookies...yummy) and I ate just about all of them! Plus in Argentina people eat alfajores, cookie-cake things in chocolate or powdered sugar...I eat like one a day even though they are hard to get and very expensive and are supposed to be a gift for my family!!!!AHHHH will the MADDNESSS EVER END!!

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