Monday, November 26

almost december

I just noticed the other day that Christmas is just around the corner. Ooops. This is really strange for me, since I'm someone who usually begins Christmas plans in October. This autumn a lot has happened, though, with me moving and studying full time (indeed full time), so maybe that's why I hadn't given Christmas another thought until now.

I decided I'm going to be all relaxed about it though. I tend to spend lots of time finding the perfect Christmas presents for everybody (not that I always end up giving The Perfect Gifts, mind you), agonizing over which kind of Christmas cards I'll make, and even thinking about a theme / a colour scheme for wrapping paper. I don't know if the last sounds like fun to you or just like I'm strange, but it's fun to me. But this year I'm letting it all go. I'll even *gasp!* buy the few cards I'm going to send - I did have a few ideas for cards, but all things considered (like the fact I don't know whether I'd find the right supplies and I have an exam or two for every week before Christmas) I think store-bought is the way to go. Helps me stay calm and relaxed. I hope.

Don't get me wrong, I like agonizing over the perfect wrapping paper & ribbon combination, I don't stress about Christmas in a bad way (though last year I did have some anxiety attack symptoms just before Christmas - I don't think that had anything to do with ribbon, though). Although I'm afraid I'll have a nervous breakdown if I ever have a family and a home to decorate for Christmas. Or maybe I just won't have any time to stress about things like that if I have kids.

...That doesn't keep me from browsing The Nice Package! Flickr pool though. There's a lot of inspiration for gift wrapping (I think everything from red felt flower is absolutely beautiful), you can see some of my favourites up there.


Lylou said...

if you enjoy those paper goods i thought you might like these...they are wonderful!


Thanks for the hint!

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