Thursday, November 8


In November it's really dark in Finland. The days get shorter and shorter, there's no much snow yet and if the sky is overcast it seems like the day doesn't really break at all. This is the time I tend to weary of all the darkness and start hoping for snow - which in Southern Finland won't stay for a while (Though I love the sea in Helsinki, I hate the fact that living on the coast means there's less snow in the winter - in Eastern Finland where I grew up they often get the heaviest snowfalls of the country. Let's see if moving a bit inland helps...).

On the other hand this is the perfect time to stay put, drink hot chocolate or tea with honey, wear woollen socks and make yourself as cozy as you can.

This evening I will attend an exhibition opening in the Verkaranta centre for arts and crafts. I've never been there, but have always thought it looks great (the building's a former dying plant). The exhibition which opens today is by a group of seven young textile artists, Rajatekijät (link in Finnish only),two of which are my friends. I'm sure it'll be a fun evening! Plus, having no life in Tampere outside the university, it's exciting to get to dress up a little and meet people. Now I better hurry up!

The crazy matchbox is from Åbo bar in Helsinki - they have (or at least used to have) a mega-sized enlargement of the photo on the wall there. Should go see it sometime and get some new matchboxes.


Tutuk said...

Well, what a nice blog. So yo live in Helsinki and miss the snow? I think you're so lucky to live in there. In my country, Indonesia, there's only 2 season that is hot and rainy. And now it's time to the rainy day. Well, live in different country has it own advantages isn't? btw, is that your son, you have a cute baby. Your blog seems like a diary, I'll look for it regularly. Thanks for the refreshing and come visit my blog too. I have a lot of useful information there.

michelle said...

wow, I would become so depressed with all of that darkness, but from what I know, the Finnish culture is so happy and vibrant, maybe that would make all the difference. I have been dreaming of visiting in summer time, seeing the islands, oh what a dream!

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