Thursday, November 29

the love for three clementines

I don't know if my body is trying to tell me it needs vitamin c boost, but whatever the reason, I've been craving clementines lately. I easily eat four a night if I sit on my computer working; right now they're so yummy (I also love oranges, but they're so messy to eat - you don't want to do it anywhere near your laptop). They feel like mini suns really with their orange colour, and like sun, they make me feel better too!
In the past few days we've also seen the real sun here. It's lovely, and I don't even mind it being cold (or colder - later in the winter -7 c would feel not-so-cold). I just have to get warmer shoes, and I'll be all set for winter. Well, December is right around the corner, so I guess winter is in time this year - let's hope this will last.

Have a lovely and hopefully sunny weekend! My weekend will be filled with studying, but I might be able to squeeze in coffee with friends as well.


angelique said...

No,no,no -7 is far to cold!!! How do you survive or do you just get used to it as you grow up?

Lawerence B. Vestal said...

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