Friday, August 17

a wish come true

Thanks for all the comments about my vacation photos. After a couple of thunderstorms it`s a bit cooler now, but luckily the weather report says the sun will be shining on Sunday. I`m going to take my yellow shoes (thanks for the shoe love too!) to Flow Festival. Would`ve liked to buy tickets for the whole weekend but decided to save money. Anyway, I`m waiting to see & hear Jenny Wilson and Bebel Gilberto!

The festival is perfectly located, 600 m from my home. The venue is an old power plant, built in the early 20th century. I think the place looks great, take a look! Flow is a part of the Helsinki Festival, an annual event of all kinds of arts. Many of the best happenings are pretty expensive (at least for a student) but there`s plenty of free stuff too. Usually I`ve been working in August, but maybe I`ll go see more happenings now.

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Helsinki is really at it`s best in August! In Finland July is the month when everyone heads for countryside, the towns are empty and everything`s closed. In August schools start and there`s much more happening (but thankfully the university term begins in September).

On another note, I have to show you one of my birthday gifts. I laughed when I got this from sister - it`s almost what I wished for.

Yeah, I meant a real vespa, not a magnet, but this was so funny. (For some reason most of the presents I got were red. It`s not my favourite colour or anything, and I don`t think my friends had agreed on red presents. Funny!)

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minja said...

Harmittaa ihan julmetusti ettei päästy tänä vuonna Flowhun :( Mukavaa festaria!