Sunday, July 29

birthday wish list

Today I had a day off work. My friend A suggested we`d go to have brunch in my favourite cafe/bar Fanny goes to Hollywood, something we`ve been planning to do for a while. The brunch was delicious, my favourites were tiny carelian pastries and small croissants. Yum. I have my birthday soon and have been thinking of asking friends to go and have breakfast/brunch with me somewhere; maybe Fanny will be the place. (I don`t really have big enough a table for inviting everyone to my place, and I know I`d get obsessed with getting everything just right and end up spending the morning in the kitchen.)

I love the pink/green combo. Like the lamp in the upper left corner, too!

Fanny is situated on the edge of a park with an old brick wall separating the area from the street, so it`s really nice to sit outside the cafe too. Luckily we agreed to stay in today - we got a couple of summer showers.

Does the furniture look familiar to you too? Yep, Ikea...

About my birthday, I`ve been thinking what I`d like to have. So far I`ve made this list:

*a Polaroid camera (been wanting to get one for a while)

*this t-shirt I mentioned earlier, or maybe one of Maryink`s or Stevester`s shirts

*some art for my new walls, wherever they will be; like this film noir inspired print by John Clark; this by John W Golden*; or this by Ashley G of kittygenius
*although some people might think this`d suit me better...

*this skirt

*stitch-it kit or la petite embroidery kit by Sublime Stitching - I`d like to learn to stitch (Take a look at her patterns! Look Maarit, there are dachshunds too!)

*boots by El Naturalista - unfortunately they still have their spring/summer collection on the site, but I`ve seen the fall/winter catalogue

*jewelry from here

*this for getting around

Whew, that`s a lot of links! Maybe I`ll get myself one item off my list for a special birthday treat - not the last one, though. Unfortunately.

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