Thursday, August 2

ends & beginnings

Today`s my last day at work. Then it`s bye-bye shoe shop, hello vacation! Starting tomorrow I`ll have about five weeks to do just what I please (including getting a new apartment, taking care of a bunch of stuff you need to do when you move, packing, and actually moving).

On one hand I feel like I could`ve continued working for a couple more weeks. Even though the work itself didn`t feel that satisfying (I worked in another shoe shop before this for years), the people I worked with were mostly nice. Some of them really nice, in fact. And I could use the money for sure - in fact I spent yesterday second-guessing my decision to quit this long before my studies begin.

In reality (and I`m trying to assure myself) I do need this vacation. I feel like the summer has flown by without me noticing and been really stressed out. I`ve been feeling poorly for a while for no obvious reason and I honestly can`t remember the last time I woke up and didn`t feel tired. So I`m telling myself it`s okay to take some time off even if I do miss some of the 'girls' in the shop already. Why is it so hard to enjoy the vacation without guilty conscience?

Oh, I`m not planning to do nothing. In addition to do all the things I have to do, I`m planning to read a book (at least one), spend a lot of time outside, take nephew with me to a park for a whole day, have a Settlers of Cataan -marathon with P & M, buy a bicycle at last, eat more strawberries, have morning coffee in an outdoor cafe near me, just hang around and enjoy Helsinki at it`s best, and visit a couple of other places. Enjoy having no time table. And try not to worry about things that I`m not doing.

On another note, in the photo above is what I got from J, one of the really nice people at work. She`s the best. J is taking a year off school, in addition to selling shoes she makes replicas of period hats (for example, she seems to do A LOT of things - I feel such a slob compared to her). She even has her own super cute logo. And she`s one of the reasons I`d been glad to stay in my job were I not moving.
The brooch is made from old wellies (the center with the bear print is rubber), ribbons and light reflective ribbon*. I`ve admired J`s similar brooch many times, and now I got my own! I just love it. I think this will embellish my coat come autumn, but I`d really like to wear it with a chic dress for a party!

*I don`t know a correct English word - in Finland it`s commonly used e.g. in jogging suits and children`s outerwear; it allows the drivers see the pedestrians better in the dark. You know we have many dark winter months here!

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