Sunday, August 19


I like these chimneys

waiting for the music to start

a cool tattoo - she had scissors tattooed on her left shoulderblade

I LOVE Jenny Wilson

...and the co-ordinated costumes of her band!

My kind of festival. People having good time and focusing on the music, not on getting drunk. Small scale. No mountains of rubbish everywhere. Close to home, no sleeping in a tent.

(I know I sound dull and uptight. In my head I think I like rock festivals, I mean you get to see many bands at the same time and have fun, and I don`t hate sleeping in a tent, though I like it more when hikes in forests are involved. In reality I can stand the masses of people, not getting enough to eat, being cold and dirty and sleeping poorly only for a limited time, and after that I`m poor company. This is really embarrassing to admit...)

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