Saturday, August 4

sister weekend

Yesterday was my sister`s birthday. I went for a visit in the evening and took some extra-chocolatey cake with me (didn`t bake it myself though - I baked a cake on Wednesday to take to work on my last day, and that felt like enough baking for me), so we celebrated with the cake and some G&Ts after nephew went to sleep. Despite the eight years and four days between sis and me we`re very close, and it was nice to have a chance for a proper sister-talk for a change. We see each other pretty often but having a company of a very lively one and a half year old can make having meaningful discussions rather difficult!

Today was warm and sunny - I`m really happy my vacation started with such a beautiful weather, it`s been rather grey and somewhat cool for the past few weeks. We decided to continue celebrating by going to Suomenlinna for a picnic. For non-Finns, it`s a fortress built on a group of islands just off Helsinki in the middle of the 18th century. In summer tons of people, tourists and locals (meaning people who live in Helsinki) go there everyday either to see the fortress or just for a nice day in the sun & some swimming. We didn`t swam though, the weather wasn`t that warm.
I envy the people who live on the isles, in old houses built when the fortress was still used. Almost no cars, a beautiful place to live (it`s on the UNESCO World Heritage List, by the way) and 20 minutes by ferry to the central Helsinki. Though it must not always be easy in winter, very windy and cold and dark. And in summer hoardes of people tramping under your window...

me and nephew, the photo`s taken by me so that explains the quality. i think i look a little malicious... but in the other photo nephew was upset (for not getting my camera)

I gave sis the card on top. No present yet; I ordered this for her but it hasn`t arrived yet. We won`t have to stop the celebrations yet: we already talked about going to drink strawberry margaritas on my birthday, and then there`s the brunch which will happen next Sunday, I think... Sounds good, doesn`t it?

nephew running away as fast as he can

So despite the terrible headache I had yesterday my vacation started pretty great. Tomorrow it`ll be another lovely summery day but I have to go to Tampere to have a look at an apartment. I really want it (even though I haven`t seen it yet) but I`m not the only one... We`ll see how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Oh drat! We forgot about them margaritas and it was your birthday today! Now we'll have to go another day. :)

Happy birthday Sis!