Tuesday, August 7


me in June 1984 - the bows make me think of Russian girls

26 random things about me...

1. I`ve had long (and I mean long) hair for the most of my life. Now I`ve had short hair for about six months and can`t remember what it was like being a long haired girl.

2. I dressed more maturely ten years ago than now.

3. I usually wear a skirt. If not, jeans are the trousers of my choice.

4. I don`t own many black clothes. Personally I don`t see black as a colour that goes with every other colour.

5. I learned to read at the age of five.

6. Nowadays I don`t read as much as I`d like to.

7. I don`t know what to think about horoscopes, but the older I get the more Leo I see in me. I don`t always like that.

8. When I turned 18 I decided to learn to like coffee because grown-up people drink coffee.

9. I love coffee.

10. I`ve only lived in two towns and three apartments in my life.

11. At a time I seriously thought I`d want be a biologist. Sometimes I still do.

12. My day-dream job (=not realistic at all) would be a graphic designer.

13. I used to scoff at people who spent lots of time online.

14. I very seldom go to bed before midnight. But even if I do, it`s still hard for me to get up before eight (and it was even when I did it every school day).

15. I`d like to have a dog. We did have one when I was growing up.

16. I worked part-time selling shoes for almost five years

17. I was a shy and precocious kid.

18. Everyone of my grandparents has passed away ten or more years ago.

19. I`ve known my oldest friend for 20 years.

20. I was born in the afternoon.

21. I`ve never smoked a cigarette.

22. I`m a feminist (of course, that can mean so many things...).

23. My middle name is Maria. I think every other girl I know has Maria as middle name.

24. I have a driver`s licence but I`m afraid to drive.

25. I have a tendency to worry about both past and future. I`d like to learn more of a carpe diem attitude.

26. My favourite drink is G&T.

me 6 days before turning 26 - photobooth photos for my student`s card (i don`t think i look like that...)


//FINE LITTLE DAY// said...

Number 14 = me too.

shash said...

i'm so happy to have found your blog through your comment on mine. i think yours is the first finnish blog i'm reading. i'm enjoying it!super snygg lego ring.