Monday, August 20

lazy monday

my new totally cool lego ring

Meeting Miss H for some record shopping (we both bought Jenny Wilson`s cd - I wonder how the guy in the record shop guessed we`d seen the gig ;) ) and coffee*. Enjoying the afternoon sun and sitting outside watching people busily buzzing by. Popping in several small & nice shops. Finding red shoes at sale (over 50% off, and I`ve been looking for red shoes - too good to pass).

I happened to find this thermos for 2 euros from Fida (a charity second hand store). I think their prices are usually rather high, at least in the shop near me, but this really was a bargain. It seems to be unused. The strawberry glasses are thrifted too, I got them as a birthday present a year ago.

De Rit organic honey waffles are my favourite!

label still intact

Inspired by our shopping tour today, I thought I`d share this link with anyone who`s interested in design-related things and visiting Helsinki and haven`t found this yet. Design District Helsinki is a site where you can find information about stores, galleries and restaurants. Not every place worth visiting is there, but a lot of them are. Quite many stores selling young Finnish designers are included too. Också på svenska!

*I want to adopt the Swedish term fika. Finnish has no one word for describing the concept, but we have execution down pat! Finns too drink lots of coffee. Even the most ordinary day can have a hint of festivity in it if someone suggests: Let`s go have coffee! ...Mmm, I think it`s time for some (Swedish) coffee and those waffles...


minja said...

legosormus on mahtava! samoin termari <3

michelle said...

Oh that sounds soooo lovely! I can totally imagine how much fun you had, and thanks for that link, my boyfriend and I are planning our honeymoon and my vote is Finland and Sweden, weeeee, I think I will win this vote too.

Cute ring too.

//FINE LITTLE DAY// said...

The strawberry glasses are so nice!