Tuesday, August 14

the first week of vacation in photos

It`s been hot, hot for the past week. Yesterday we had 28 degrees (that`s like 82 degrees Fahrenheit - CRAZY HOT in Finland)! No clouds in the sky, people sunbathing in the parks of Kallio (the part of town I live in) in the daytime and just hanging out or playing petanque and mölkky at night. Even at night the
temperature`s been about 20 degrees, that`s how August should be: dark, warm nights.

I`ve been spending most days and nights outdoors. Hanging out with friends and having coffee at the outdoor cafe nearby. I think this is what summer felt like when I was a kid.

Miss H`s earring

my favourite hangout for morning coffee

birthday shoes

at Hietaniemi beach in the evening

my birthday brunch here last Sunday

on the plate:
summer is the best!


michelle said...

Oh what a nice post, I think you Fins do summer best, there is an article in this month's Gourmet magazine that is a beautiful story about a Finish family's summer home. I am so interested in visiting. Thank you for stopping by my blog, how lovely that I found yours! I love your profile photo, what a happy child.

Kristina said...

Ooohh looks so lovely up there in Helsinki ;o)
(Great shoes!)
I can't wait to go to the café's with you one day!

sandra said...

that café looks gorgeous!!

minja said...

Ihania kuvia! Ja nuo kengät on mahtavat <3

minja said...

Niin ja syntymäpäiväonnitteluni tietysti!

//FINE LITTLE DAY// said...

I like your yellow birthday shoes, and the cutie in the couch. Happy belated birthday!