Thursday, July 31

random photos on the last of july

This week the weather has been great, but I've been inside, battling a flu. It seems I always get a fever when I have some time off... Luckily, I've got many free days left, I hope the weather will stay sunny & warm now I can finally enjoy it!

On the last of July, I was feeling more like myself again.

Remember that toy vespa I got from miss A? Walking around my neighbourhood, I saw a real one which was a lot like mine!

I also saw these reflections, they made me smile.

As did this traffic sign!

My accomplishments on the last of July were doing a lot of laundry

and whipping up a skirt. I'll show it to you later! (Haven't got any pins here, so I used some tape instead. I know that's very very wrong.)

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mansuetude said...

this post made me smile, about the laundry. :) enjoy your coastal retreat.