Tuesday, July 29

first day of summer holiday

The first day of my summer holiday was well spent; sister, her family and I went to lake Saarijärvi to swim and have a picnic.
It's funny how even the simplest of meals always tastes so good outdoors! The new swimming suit I bought in June finally got some use -haven't had a chance to use it yet, what with weather being not so warm, sea water being cold cold cold, and me not having that many days off. In Saarijärvi the water was really warm and the sand fine and white.

That's sister in the top photo, and my toes & nephew in the bottom one.

(Nephew couldn't quite decide whether swimming was more fun or scary; at one point he, like a true city kid, exclaimed: 'Let's go indoors! Let's go back to Helsinki!' ...But in the end he did have fun, I think.)

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mansuetude said...

hello: i love that last image--a slight leaning towards a monk in contemplation. :) perhaps he is thinking about the water; its so true that the ocean and lakes were a lot to think about once. I love this kid.