Tuesday, July 8

a perfect day off

I had Monday off from work. And what a great day it was! Good food and sangria in a park in Finnish-Dutch-South African company.

After waking up (pretty late) I went to market. Bought some strawberries & peas and ate a crepe with jam and cream for breakfast.

The strawberries and some rhubarb from my sister's allotment garden (she has a plot with a friend; sadly, no cottage) went into a tart. I have to say the tart was delicious, especially with vanilla custard!

This is the last piece I ate on Tuesday.

And the tart and I took a boat to a picnic with J and his boyfriend M. Later, some friends of M joined us, and even though the weather was cloudy and pretty cool, we had a fun afternoon.

Helsinki seen from the sea

(Publishing this a bit late - haven't spent that much time online, as I'm trying to teach myself to go to bed earlier.)

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