Friday, July 4

the hottest day yet


It was very hot (at least by Finnish standards) - the kind of day you realize is going to be sweltering as soon as you step out in the morning. The mall I work in was practically deserted, everybody was outdoors.

people hanging out in the park near my home

When I walked out the front door of my building, there was a film crew beginning their work; my building's going to be famous! :) Although the film itself is set in another area of Helsinki, Punavuori. Didn't see any Finnish movie stars, though. (This isn't the first time my building is in a movie / tv series - couple of years ago I woke up to someone shouting 'Help! Help! Murder!' when the old book shop under my window was used for filming a crime drama. Quite exciting.)

I bought some peonies for myself; I have this big heavy glass vase which used to belong to one of my great-aunts, and it's perfect for tall flowers (plus I like to use it because it reminds me of my great-aunt).

I washed my new bedsheets and hung them out to dry - I love to go to bed when the sheets are fresh and crisp.

I ate super-easy, super-delicious potatoes with arugula (add chopped arugula, olive oil, pepper & salt to boiled new potatoes and stir well) for late dinner, together with some salad and soft goat cheese.

I didn't eat these potatoes all by myself - the last two photos are from two summers back :)


david santos said...

Excellent posting!!!
Nice photos and nice colours.
Have a nice weekend

The Lil Bee said...

These photos are so pretty, and your day sounds just perfect. I love the idea of using a certain vase because it reminds you of someone you love. There are a few trinkets like that in my house, and I smile when I see them :)

Esti said...

This post and the pictures just remiond me of how much i miss peonies and that I should go out and buy some today

mansuetude said...

i'm liking your writing style--especially that last part about eating all those potatos... its so sweet. You would need a bigger belly to that.:)

kristy said...

peonies are just the most beautiful flowers in the world i think!

you're summery photos make me nearly long for the sun again. nearly!

now.... tag you're it!

i would love to know you're six favourite things for today.

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Thanks for all the sweet comments!

The lil bee, I'm so glad that along with the memories, I have some things which remind me of the people no longer with us. (And of course it's nice to think about people alive and well, too, when seeing something related to them in my home!)

Vulpecula said...

On a sidetrack, I recently learned that they call arugula "rocket" in England!