Thursday, April 24

in my bag

I thought it was time to empty my bag from old receipts, crumbs and who knows what. In addition to the aforementioned things this is what was in there, and I have to say I was surprised to find all this. (I like seeing what others have in their bags, but haven't done this before, so this was for my own amusement.)

*my cool headphones (I've been planning to sew them a bag of their own)
*apple necklace I wore & broke yesterday
*my wallet
*a pencil, a pencil sharpener, some pens and three erasers; at least I was well prepared for the exam yesterday
*packet of staples
*two packets of gum, one empty
*two different lip balms
*some candy from a box I bought on Monday
*key (not my home key)
*water bottle
*Tori Amos' Scarlet's Walk cd; I thank this cd for my assignments getting done
*25 cents
*paper napkin from university cafeteria
*a crumbled print of a job I was pretending to apply for in my other assignment (one I'd like to apply for if I had the qualifications already)
*three buttons; the big one an extra button for a spring coat, and the others missing from garments they belong to
*USB flash drive
*one mitten, knit by Mum

I have to say that my usual bag is a big tote made of tan leather, so it didn't feel like I had lot of stuff in it. I just can't use small bags on a normal day, I want to be able to carry a lot around with me.

The cd saved me; I tried working on my assignments at the uni mainly because there are less things distracting me from my main focus there. But one of the things which can make me crazy is the other people taping on their keyboards (or sometimes their talking/whispering, or someone walking around with sqeaky shoes), so my solution was listen to something I like. This cd was the only one that worked for me; I was able to concentrate on writing, not music.

I'm in Helsinki for the weekend; wasn't going to go, but I have a chance to see several of my friends at the same time, and one baby I haven't seen before (suddenly, everyone is having babies, or so it seems). So it'll be friends-time, nephew-time, and hopefully some studying-for-another-exam-time for me. Hope you'll have a happy weekend, too!


Gingerley said...

Oletko jaksanut opiskella ahkerasti? Löysin Calvin&Hobbes -albumista yhden niin hyvin sanastokokeeseen sopivan sarjakuvan, että ajattelin skannata sen ja lähettää Katelle ;) Toivottavasti saan huomenna luetuksi vähän kielioppiakin...

PS. Osoitteesta löytyy minun blogini!

mansuetude said...

you remind me how small the world is when you too listen to Tori. Music might be the language we all understand.