Thursday, April 10

this week

has been rainy (today late in the afternoon I actually saw a glimpse of blue sky)

though it doesn't bother me that much right now because:

I like my wellies

I bought a new umbrella - the old one was broken

and heart-shaped doughnuts help too!

Yesterday I went to a gig to hear Astrid Swan and Anna Järvinen. It was really nice - long time since the last gig I went to - and I'm proud of myself for going even though none of my friends could make it. (I like going to exhibitions and movies alone, but I'm awfully lazy to go out in the evenings if no one is going with me.)


Becky, yep said...

Great boots and doughnut.
I want to talk to you about traditional Finnish holiday traditions. Will you email me when you get a minute?

minja said...

Oiiih, mistä noi kaunis sateenvarjo? <3

mansuetude said...

i love your top two puddle reflection pics... and those boots!!

hope you're cozy warm .

Tiina said...

hei mulla on ollu tuota sateenvarjokangasta, mitä kangasta se oikein on? tai siis ku ite en oo tienny alkuperää.. :) ja voi vitsit, tuonne keikalle määki olisin tahtonu. onneksi tollasen donitsin söin eilen!


Minja ja Tiina, kuosi on Marjatta Metsovaaran, ja noita sateenvarjoja saa ainakin Stockalta. Olisin voinut ottaa kaikissa neljässä värissä, oli vaikea päättää.

Mansuetude, it's been quite chilly the last few days. Sigh. But spring is like that, so nothing unusual here.