Sunday, April 27

a spring saturday

I came to Helsinki for the weekend, purely because I had an opportunity to meet four of my friends, two of whom I don't meet that often. Plus see baby T, three months, for the first time. I reminisced about the days three of them used to live in a big apartment in central Helsinki, about five years ago, and how things were then. And then I thought how things have changed, luckily for the better for all of us, but for a second the fact that there are now two married women and one mother among us felt so ....grown-up. (Not that I don't think of myself as (mostly) a grown-up, or couldn't see myself having a family of my own already had things gone differently, but remembering us as the girls we were then made me feel a bit old. Not in a bad way, though.)

I was asked to babysit my nephew, and since the girls said it was ok, I brought him along to see my friends. He seemed to have fun, although he did complain about lack of cars at A's home. The best part of the day for him was surely meeting A's cat.

It was a lovely day, the warmest one yet, and we took a long long walk in the sun. There were anemone nemorosa's everywhere, a sure sign of spring!


Esti said...

I surely can realte to that feeling, thinking of myself as a girl instead of a grown-up. But then , all of a sudden you are sitting in front of one of your kids' teacher and you tell yourself: "this is it. I'm on the other side, the adult side". Sometimes it scares me, ha, ha... :)

Vulpecula said...

I have lately been shocked to realize that people more than ten years younger than me are actually adults. When did I grow so old?

Although I suppose it's better I don't feel old - it is said that people who feel themselves younger than their years actually LIVE longer. :)