Tuesday, April 8

some shots from the weekend


coffee and board games at a nearby café with H, J and The Kangaroo rescued by J (from a fleamarket)

and some cava to celebrate the spring (thank you, H!)

On Sunday:

brunch at miss A's new home (we decided to start having breakfast together again sometimes); I was going to take photos of the table, but was so hungry I forgot until everything was eaten

he was there too

I love that Audrey poster so much!

saw some cool t-shirts in the shop window; the shop's on the street I used to live - have to pay a visit there soon


sandra said...

what a lovely weekend, now you made me wanting cava. love that bottle, it's great to sneak around with since i always wear black.

mansuetude said...

i know that black bottle--is cava a word for brut or champagne? same design here, only different words.

love your dinner partner!

Ps You should see my cactus... its spring and christmas. :)


Sandra, now I imagine you walking around with a bottle of cava with you in case you should want some. :) (Although lukewarm champagne is yucky.)

Mansuetude, as far as I know, cava is champagne made in Spain (so not REAL champagne, obiviously. What do you call brut? I always though it meant very dry champagne.

Greetings to your cactus :) - I just showered mine and now it's growing new leaves. I promised it a new pot soon.

mansuetude said...

yes...brut means dry champagne... and the bottle at the top on the neck does say brut. so cava must mean champagne... but we get bottles that say something else... no cava word on it.

What i meant, was, is cava your (langauge) word for champagne.

fine little day said...

That is just a great quilt!

Anonymous said...

Cava is a spanish word and means sparkling wine. Champagne is a reserved word for "sparkling wine" produced in a certain area in France.

Kuohuviini is the word in Finnish
(or samppanja)