Friday, October 12

first snow & restless sleeping

toast=comfort food

On Fridays I have only one lecture, but that's way too early in the morning for my taste - from 8:30 to 10. I know it's not early by most people's standards, but for me it is, if I have to be somewhere (see number 14). If I can stay home and have my coffee in peace, it's ok. (I know, this is probably the result of spending many years as a student and/or having a job that was in a walking distance from my home and I didn't have to be there until 9:30. I do realise I'll probably have to give in to the fact that most of the world lives at a different pace sooner or later.)
I'd gone to bed early enough but woke up twice feeling someone was in the room with me, after having a dream about a ghost* which came to tell me that my friend was in danger. I'm not superstitious, but that's still not the best feeling to have when you wake up.
*Or maybe it was more like a hologram of another friend, like Princess Leia in Star Wars...

Luckily, today's lecture was really interesting, and when I walked home the sun began shining. After a second, proper breakfast I felt much better. I am going to call the friend who visited my dream, though. (Fear not friends - I've had dreams about something bad happening to a friend before, and nothing has happened really.)

Last night it snowed! Well, maybe it was more like sleet, and mostly gone by noon, but still. Isn't it a bit too early for that?


Maria-Jag blommar said...

Beautiful tablecloth!

Jessica said...

our first snow should be coming soon and I couldn't be more excited..fall is here and it means jacket weather!!

Lora said...

Oih, Bonne Maman-hillot on NIIN ihania... Aamu ei voisi alkaa paremmin =)


Maria - Thanks! It's Marimekko, the pattern is by Maija Isola and called Kioto (comes in different colours). Mine is oilcloth, but they have cotton too.

Jessica - I do like winter, but I'm not quite ready to start wearing winter clothes yet. And I just got a bike and would like to keep riding it as long as possible! :)

Lora - Samaa mieltä, vaikka en yleensä kaupan hilloista välitä. Mutta Bonne Maman on ihan oma lukunsa, ne ovat niin hauskan näköisiäkin. Ja aina tarjouksessa Hulluilla päivillä!

shash said...

i like this photo and the triangle packet too.