Wednesday, October 31

can I have some larch cones with my tea, please?

there's me in the spoon, again

Today the clouds broke. First there were glimpses of blue sky amid the grey tufts of clouds, and then - the sun came out! It was like a miracle after yesterday's gloomy weather - there seemed to be no daylight at all, and continuous rain. I'm feeling better, thanks to sun and a good night's sleep. (Good, since I hate to complain even here - I do complain to friends too but feel bad about it afterwards.)
It was a perfect day to take gazillion photos (um, maybe 40 or so) of a mug and larch cones or to go for a walk. Didn't have time for the latter, but it was nice to bike to a meeting in the afternoon sun.

Camilla seemed to have a pretty good day as well. I love the top photo.
Hope something made you smile today too!

...or maybe I'll just have a stem ginger and lemon biscuit. Thank you.


michelle said...

Sweet little cones! I love that mug too, very cozy.

Anonymous said...

My little larch hasn't yet made cones, so I brewed some hemlock needle tea after a walk through the woods. I miss Helsinki in the winter, the hockey games in the early twilight, the streetlights glowing on the snow.