Monday, October 15


I had a really nice surprise on Saturday evening: a friend I haven't seen in years called. She was coming to Tampere for a meeting on Sunday and asked if I'd like to meet her while she was in town. Even though we've both been very bad at keeping in touch, haven't called, haven't mailed, we started chatting right away (well, actually we started chatting in the phone the night before, then continued it face to face) and there weren't any awkward moments. Not that I thought there would be, really. I wouldn't say we were catching up on each other's lives, because there wasn't really need to go back and tell what we'd been doing while not staying in touch. It was just like picking up the conversation from where we'd left it years ago. This really made my day! Or week.

I don't know who lives in this house near me, but I certainly could.

Today's exam went well enough. Now I should be studying for another one, but after very little sleep last night (not studying, just laying in the bed hoping I'd fall asleep - bah) I'm not sure if I'm going to take it tomorrow or on another possible day. Everyone seems to have problems with sleeping - sleepless friends out there, I can relate. I really can.
Now home to drink a cup of coffee and see if my brain starts working again!

Hope you'll have a good week and nice surprises, whether big or small.


Mielitty said...

Hei, on pitänyt aikaisemminkin kommentoida, mutta asuin neljä vuotta tuossa Helsingin kotisi ikkunasta näkyvässä talossa. Oi se oli hyvää aikaa. Asumisen kannalta siis...:) Tosin kadehdin aina teidän talon rappukäytävää ja hissejä.

Ihania kuvia, tykkään tosi paljon!

michelle said...

Have you tried Melatonin? or something like that, it is a natural sleep aid, it helps me so much, it konks me right out.


Michelle - Thanks's for the tip! I've had problems with sleeping so long I've kind of given up hope ever feeling rested :) but I could give that a try those nights sleep really stays away.

ashley rose helvey said...

how pleasant!

justin adams said...

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