Monday, October 8


I was in Helsinki for less than 24 hours (wasn`t going to go, but went after all). Nevertheless, I had enough time for partying (it was sooo great to see friends and dance a little! must do that more), seeing sister & brother-in-law (strange to see them without nephew, who was at his grandparents' - to be speaking with them without interruption felt somewhat odd) and eating a HUGE salad in a newish café in my neighbourhood. So a pretty productive weekend, don't you think?

at the café - that`s J on the left; this photo was taken in August

Teriyaki chicken plus chick pea & herbs mixture plus yoghurt dressing with mint - yummy. Even though the bowl (it was not a plate, it was a BOWL) full of salad was a little bit too much for me. There was plenty of everything! It`s really rare I leave food over. Might have something to do with Estonian liqueur the night before. I told J not to pour me any more, dammit.

in place of an ashtray there was this

I miss you, Helsinki-guys. Not in a sad, makes-me-feel-miserable-I'm-so-alone -way, but in a good, can't-wait-to-see-you-again -way. In a wish-I-could-go-have-a-coffee-with-you-all-right-now -way. Surely I will make friends here, but it takes a little time and energy. Sometimes it's easier to stay by myself than to go and try to find something to chat about with someone you don't know. (But yes, I do already know a few people here I'd like to get to know more.)

The food photo made me think of Sandra's fika&food -photoset. I love looking at her set as thumbnails, it makes a nice fikamosaic. I like the photos separately too. This is wonderful.


michelle said...

hmmmm, yummy salad, and your weekend sounds yummy too :)

Lauruska said...

Petran myötä löysin blogisi. Onpa mukavata seurata sinunkin elämääsi, vaikkemme ole hetkeen nähneet.

Meidän elämäämme voi koiramaisesti seurata täältä:

...ja yhteyttä saa pitää toki muutenkin.