Thursday, October 4

grey and red

A grey day in my neighbourhood.

I really like it when you can see 'ghost letters' in a place where a sign has been before, like in the top photo. You get to know a bit about the history of a building. In my neighbourhood, some former shops have been changed into apartments. The one next to my house seems pretty cool, at least the glimpses I've seen through the windows. Wish I could go and see it!

H has a birthday today, I wasn't sure about the date but sent her a card anyway, then had to ask if it really was her birthday today when chatting with her in the phone. Silly me. Hope you'll use your birthday as an excuse to do something fun on several occasions H! (That's what I did.)

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ingridviola said...

"haamukuvat" ovat mahtavia :) Vaasassa löytyy "Hagström" isolla seinällä