Tuesday, June 3

meet my favourite shop

I've been having some internet problems, which are hopefully solved now. I've also been working six days in a row - I'm really happy I'm having three days off this week! Hopefully I won't have to work every weekend this summer; my work schedule (mostly evenings & weekends) makes it really hard to see friends who work from eight to four on weekdays.

One of my friends had a graduation party last week, it was really fun, especially because S & D from London where there too. Also, miss H moved houses last Sunday and now lives only one house from me! At least it'll be easy to meet her, whether I'm working or not.

My favourite lifestyle shop, moko, moved this spring: now they have a new shop/coffee shop/space for workshops in an old industrial building. Today I went there with miss A, and we had a nice chat drinking coffee and looking at all the lovely things they sell there. Although I probably wouldn't decorate my home in complete moko-style (I think my tastes are too Scandinavian for that), I often think I could live in that shop! Lots of pretty things which make me happy just looking at them. I know one could easily say it's just good marketing and I'm falling right into their trap, but damn, I really like their concept! Too bad nephew is still too young for their workshops for kids, which sound really fun.

Some of the photos were actually taken in March, and I really meant to show you that chest of drawers back then, inspired by my chest of drawers talk. Today it had a little tag saying 'sold' on it - the new owner must be very happy with this find! (It's one of a kind, and out of my budget anyway.)


Anonymous said...

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The Lil Bee said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and it is lovely. I really like that old-school library file cabinet. Someday I will use one as a giant jewelry box. Great finds.

Gingerley said...

Tuo lipasto on kyllä ihana :) Olen aina ihastellut myös niitä Rikhardinkadun kirjastossa siinä ekan kerroksen aulassa olevia vanhoja kortistolipastoja. Isoissa, puisissa huonekaluissa on sitä jotakin!


Patricia, thanks for visiting!
The lil bee, thank you for your sweet words! The giant jewelry box idea is lovely!
Gingerley, juu, kirjastokorttilipasto pitäisi saada. :)