Thursday, June 26

not so summery

For the past few weeks we've had a lot of rain, and the weather's been fairly cool. Not like it should be in late June at all. I'm missing my wellies which I left in Tampere because I just couldn't fit them in my bags.
I've also got flu which has been bugging me for a week, making sleeping difficult. Add to that long days at work, and I end up exhausted and whiny. At the moment I feel like I'm the only one who has to work work work while others go holidaying in sunny places. (Ok, I know it isn't so. But even a whole weekend off would do wonders for me right now! And yes, I said I'm whiny.)

Let's talk about nicer things. Like the sunflower I got from my boss last week for my name day (Wikipedia link for those who have no idea what is a name day, as it isn't celebrated widely outside Europe).

Or my new Tretorn seersucker sneakers.

They were 40% off, are cute and comfy, and just look like summer to me. I want to wear these while smelling the salty wind and hopping on rocks and looking at the sea glittering in the sun. Right here:

Or the white rose bush, called Juhannusruusu ("Midsummer rose") in Finnish, in bloom on my street a while ago.

Or the fact that I found several episodes of Jeeves and Wooster from Youtube. Jeeves and Wooster was one of my favourite tv series as a child (although I was sure I'd been younger than 10 when it first aired in Finland - I thought it was in the 80s). They're showing it again in Finland this summer, and I was sad I'd miss it (no telly), but Youtube saved me! I have to say that a) I've been loving British tv series portraiting 20s and 30s ever since I saw Jeeves and Wooster for the first time - mind you, my weakness for upper-class English accent might have something to do with Jeeves and Wooster, too b) it might not be quite as great as I remembered - but still, fun to watch and c) Fry and Laurie are so YOUNG in the series!

One other favourite was Moonlighting. But I've completely missed series like Knightrider and MacGyver. What did you watch as a child?

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maijja said...

Minä oon kans ollut yks jääräjöröjussi, änkytellyt ja kiukutellut jo monta viikkoa. Mutta kun tuntuu, ettei mikään mene minun mieleni mukaan. Se on KURJAA! Ja vielä flunssa :(