Thursday, February 28

pippi longstocking's chest of drawers

my dog friends

I didn't want to leave my whiny I-feel-like-crap-woe-is-me -post here for the whole weekend (if I again don't have time for blogging). I'm all better, and even the ten-hour shift I have on Friday doesn't bother me yet. Maybe wearing stripy tights yesterday helped. I'm wearing them again today. Listening to Roisìn Murphy helped too.

When I read Pippi Långstrump (or Longstocking) books as a child, the most impressive thing ever was her chest of drawers: it had plenty of small drawers of different sizes, and when Tommy and Annika first visited Pippi, they were allowed to open one drawer each and keep what treasure they found inside. I think Tommy found a small dagger (or knife; but in Finnish it was translated as dagger), can't remember what Annika found, a mirror perhaps? (You who've read Pippi recently or have better memory, correct me if something here is wrong.)
Later I had this Pippi board game where you had to search for treasures (such as tin cans, horse shoes etc.) in Pippi's garden; I liked that game a lot.

That chest of drawers made a lasting impression, because as a teenager I still wanted one with lots of small drawers, and preferably not all the same size. Now I'd probably find that a bit fussy, but it would be neat to have one of those old, beautiful library card catalogue drawer-thingies. Like this. Only I don't know what I would store in those drawers. What would you?


Maggie Pie said...

My english translation of Pippi shows that Tommy gets a little ivory flute and Annika gets a brooch that looks like a butterfly. Pippi is such a character!

mansuetude said...

i think the tights help! :)
love your story about the drawers, never read Pipi, though my sister named our dog Pepi, after her--if that makes sense. ?

In shakespeare (maybe Hamlet) the dagger is once called a bare bodkin. Though it has been a long time, too.

my cactus wants to go live with you. :)

hannna said...

sama haave seuraa mun mukana. pikkutavaraa kyllä löytyy! napit langat kirjeet puikot neulat kirjeet kirjepaperit ja -kuoret kuvat pikkuhousut sukat nenäliinat sekalaiset aarteet, joita voi joskus tarvita... ja voi, kaikki V:n pienet lelut, sorminuket, eläimet jne!

fine little day said...

Lovely toys!


Maggie Pie, I definitely have to go and check what items they really got in the Finnish version - ever since I wrote about them, I've been wondering about it (don't have the book myself).

Mansuetude, you have to put your cactus on a plane - though I'm not sure cacti are allowed to fly by themselves!

Hannna, tuntien omat taipumukseni pikkutarkkuuteen oudoissa asioissa, liimaisin varmaan pikku lapun joka laatikkoon, josta kävisi ilmi, mitä niissä on... Mutta olisi ihanaa täyttää laatikostoa!

Fine little day, tack!

mansuetude said...