Sunday, June 29

gardening I

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A lovely, sunny (mostly), summery day! And my day off. I took a walk in a nearby allotment garden with friends A and P.

This allotment garden was founded in early 1930s, and it has not only plots, but cottages as well. It looks like most of the cottage-owners don't grow many vegetables nowadays, but mostly flowers. The gardens are lush and secluded, the cottages tiny and cute, and some people live there for the whole summer. I don't really dream about a summer cottage*, but having a tiny cottage in the city sounds like fun!** In my cottage I'd have quilts and flower patterned china - all those things which are a tad too romantic for me to really live with every day would be perfect for a cottage like this!

*We have my great-grandparent's house on an island, and that's a lot work in itself.
**If I had, say, an extra 30,000 to 60,000 euros. Which sounds just insane, knowing my friend bought a small apartment in Northern Finland for 57,000.


Becky, yep said...

oh, my favorite post of the week! I too want my little cottage filled with all things floral and springy! I love your pictures!

isoinpapu said...

Mä rakastan siirtolapuutarhoja,pikku mökkejä, puutarhaplänttejä. Ah, ihania kuvia. Apua. Ihania!

mansuetude said...

really love your collage.
all your delicate flowers, too; summer is all around you and it seems like yesterday you were still cold there! enjoy your sunshine, etc.


Becky, thanks! Those cottages are really lovely, only 20 square meters, but I guess you don't really want to stay in surrounded by all the loveliness in the garden!

Isoinpapu, tuolla kävellessä alkaa kyllä himoita omaa. Sieltä on yksi myytävänäkin! Viimeisimmässä Dekossa on myös juttu siirtolapuutarhamökistä.

Mansuetude, we haven't had many warm days yet this summer. But even when it's cool, we have so much light and the nature is so changing and lovely, it makes it easier. Though I'd love to have some lazy, sunny, hot days too!

mansuetude said...

sounds like you got your wish!