Sunday, June 15


I have a very unsteady working schedule. A while ago I had several days off in a row (always a nice thing), now I work seven days in a row. My mind thinks it's time for the weekend though (I've still got two days to go), I feel like the weekend should be beginning, even though it is Sunday evening.

The weekend has been mostly good, a little bad. Bad thing is I think I might have hurt someone's feelings when just trying to mind my own business; it makes me sad and very small. Good things win, though: I had a nice evening with my friend P whom I don't see that much, catching up and reminiscing about the summers we lived together in Helsinki. And today I had a chance to meet another friend, albeit briefly, and her daughter. It's amazing how someone who was a baby last time you met is a little girl now!

Even though I live in a city, my neighbourhood is really green in the summer. Lots of small parks and trees, and everything has been blooming lately:first bird cherries and apple trees; then rowans, horse chestnuts and lilacs - it's almost over, but it's so lovely when you walk past a lilac bush and the scent envelopes you. I've been taking a lot of walks, getting to know again these familiar streets and places. If I go for a walk at dusk, it's like walking through a fairytale land: blooming bushes, and lots of little rabbits hopping around, like in a Disney film - not exactly what you expect living in a city! Even though I knew the rabbits in the city are breeding like, well, rabbits (just had to say it, sorry), there never were this many before.


sandra said...

oh i smell them all the way to göteborg, lovely!

Jessica said...

I love can smell them for miles.

paperisydän said...

Niinpä, onneksi kaupungin keskeltäkin löytyy vihreää. Kauniit kuvat!