Tuesday, July 31

zipper love

This is one of my two brand new rissarossi brooches. Made by Taija Leinonen, whom I kind of know (she`s a friend to a friend, or two friends actually, and a nice gal). While in Oulu I indulged in some serious shopping - the sales prices there were so much lower than in Helsinki, I had to really - and found a really nice green dress that just screamed for a rissarossi to go with it. So I mailed her and asked if she had some in stock, and in a week I got not one but two delivered straight home!

As you can see they`re made of zippers, recycled ones actually - she gets them from dressmakers who change old zippers and then save them to her. Her brooches are available in Secco Shop in Helsinki and in their web shop too. They`ve got all kind of great stuff made of recycled material, check it out! Taija`s brooches are also sold in Musta kana in Oulu. I think.

The other brooch already got to go to work with me and the aforementioned dress. I asked for a dark brown one and then one colourful - didn`t ask for a specific colour since of course bright colours are harder to get - and I got a lovely green one.
For all non-Finns and for ignorant Finns too (like I was), rissa means a zipper (maybe in northern Finland - I hadn`t ever heard it before) and rossi is a brooch.

The weather was rainy and cool on Monday, and it seems it`ll rain for the whole Tuesday too. I have three more days of work - hope the sun will come back for my vacation!

Found this blog via Karkovski. Great photos & I love the furniture in her bedroom!

Have a good week all, whether working or vacationing.


minja said...

Iiih, kivaa. Taas löysin uuden kivan blogin, jota seurata :))

Maarit said...

Hauskoja linkkejä alempana - menikin tovi niitä surffatessa. Voisin laittaa omallekin toivomuslistalleni useimmat noista. :)

//FINE LITTLE DAY// said...

O yes what a lovely zipper brooch!