Tuesday, July 10


Welcome to my new blog. It might seem stupid to start another blog when I can`t manage posting in the first one, but in a way my lack of blogging egged me on to start this one. There were so many non-crafty things I`d wanted to blog about but felt were out of place in my crafty blog (or what I call crafty, anyway). Of course it`s my blog and I could post anything I`d like, it`s not like I have this huge group of readers to answer to, but somehow it just doesn`t seem right to me. Hence this new blog.

I realize this blog might not be of interest for many and think of it more as just for me -blog, where I don`t have to have anything special to say but can post something anyway (don`t know when I started to feel like I have to show something I`ve done or at least tc tell something funny when I write an entry to musta lammas, but somehow I do - not to say I always succeed). Though of course public blogs are always intented to be read and, let`s face it, I`ll be thrilled if somebody checks scaredy-cat out once in a while. This blog will be in English only*, unless I`ll get loads of mail from Finnish readers begging me to write in Finnish:) - honestly, I find it quite tedious nowadays to have to figure out how to say things not once but twice.
*I hope some of my non-Finnish friends will read this

I`ve been for and against starting another blog for a long long while, and it took long enough to come up with a decent name (let alone with a url that wasn`t in use already). But finally it`s done! Hope your going to enjoy - I think I will.

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