Wednesday, July 11

paper boats

Two of my friends, P and M, got married on June 30th. P is one of the two friends I`ve got to know as a child and who`ve stuck til adulthood, so her wedding was real special to me (it was also the first wedding of a friend I`ve been invited to - not a lot of my friends haven`t gotten married yet, though I guess the next couple of summers might see more weddings...). The party was great, couldn`t ask for more if I was getting married. One reason being all the participation from the guests, mostly live music - M is a musician and knows a lot of musicians; it was great! I even gave a little speech, something I really hadn`t considered doing beforehand, but I guess it`s easy to talk when it comes straight from your heart.

The reception was held in an island in the middle of Helsinki - really it felt like we were somewhere far far away from the city. It had rained all week but on Saturday there were no clouds at all in the sky. Late in the evening we had a little ceremony when the bride sent away eight little paper boats (done by me - the idea was groom`s brother`s), one for each letter of her maiden name. Beautiful.

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